Our Services

Particle Sciences is a leading drug product formulation Contract Research Organization. We integrate complete formulation, analytic, bioanalytic and clinical trial material manufacturing under one roof providing our clients with a cost effective and time efficient partner. Each group at Particle Sciences is led and staffed by experienced industry professionals.

Dexamethasone-Loaded Silicone

NEW! Dexamethasone-Loaded Silicone

All implantable systems trigger a foreign body response—an inflammatory cascade that results in fibrous encapsulation of any foreign object. Our dexamethasone-loaded silicone minimizes inflammation, accelerating your product development cycle and helping you commercialize faster. We offer both stock and custom options to accommodate any project.

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Nanomilling Feasibility Program

NEW! Nanomilling Feasibility Program

Particle Sciences is a leader in nanomilling—an efficient, reproducible, and scalable approach for improving the rate of dissolution and bioavailability of BCS Class II and IV compounds. In just 8 weeks, our nanomilling feasibility program allows us to screen your API, generate analytical data, and provide material for animal PK studies.

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Combination Product

Drug & Device Combination Products

Particle Sciences is the leading drug/device combination product development CRO. Whether it's a new chemical entity, a line extension or a generic product, Particle Sciences is equipped to handle the complete design, formulation and production of our client's drug eluting devices. This includes products based on controlled substances and highly potent compounds.

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Pharmaceutical Delivery

Formulation & Drug Delivery Technologies

Choosing among the many drug delivery technologies being promoted can be daunting. In reality, there are a limited number of approaches that are commercially viable. At Particle Sciences we have an array of established techniques that span the range of drug delivery needs. We can help you rapidly arrive at the best technology for your API.

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Commercial Manufacturing

Commercial Manufacturing

While CMO market capacity is adequate for mainstream products, there is a lack of manufacturing capacity for the rapidly growing sub-segment of complex drug products. Such a facility requires not only purpose-built infrastructure, but also a highly specialized staff

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Biopharmaceutical Development

Biopharmaceutical Formulation

Particle Sciences brings decades of experience to the formulation and delivery of Biopharmaceuticals. While we use traditional methods, our patent pending, non-covalent approaches are truly differentiated. Through the use of electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions we create formulations that meet your performance needs while minimizing the regulatory, product characterization and product release burden

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Contract Drug Development

Contract and Grant Partnering

Particle Sciences regularly participates with its clients on grants and government awards providing assistance with the application in those areas we are expert in, project management, and of course project execution. We provide development services in the areas of drug delivery/formulation, Biopharmaceuticals, nanoparticles, drug-eluting devices, analytic chemistry, bioanalytics, and drug product and device manufacturing

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Preformulation Development


Preformulation studies are the foundation of any efficient drug product development effort. Particle Sciences has developed a custom preformulation approach we call DOSE™. Using state-of-the-art instrumentation, DoE and our own computational tools, a firm formulation foundation is established early on saving our clients time and expense.

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Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

Micro & Nano Technology

Particle Sciences has been at the forefront of fine-particle production and nanotechnology since the early 1990s and we provide a wide range of particulate preparation services. Our efforts have resulted in commercial products scaled to as much as half a million kilos per year. Whether it's Particle Sciences' proprietary technology or conventional systems, our staff knows how to apply these techniques to meet your needs.

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gMP Contract Manufacturing

cGMP Clinical Manufacturing

Being able to bring your product from Concept to Clinic is one of the things that has made Particle Sciences the go-to group for pharmaceutical development. We are FDA registered and DEA licensed for all schedules and have the infrastructure to handle highly potent compounds. With our Class 10,000 (ISO 7) to Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanrooms we will get your product to the clinic on time and on budget.

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Analytical Development


Particle Sciences' cGLP/cGMP Analytic Services facilities are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation and experienced technical staff to assist you in method development/validation, characterization, and routine and specialized testing. Our facility offers exceptional capabilities in physical property characterization. We are FDA registered and DEA licensed to work with controlled substances and can handle highly potent compounds. Our staff has extensive industry experience to help you in data interpretation and analysis.

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Bioanalytical Method Validation


To support your product development from preclinical through clinical testing, Particle Sciences offers detection, identification and quantification of drug compounds and metabolites in biological fluids and tissues using primarily LC/MS/MS. Our integrated approach spans method development and validation through sample analysis, and our expert staff insures high quality data delivered on time and on budget.

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Particle Characterization

Physical Characterization

Consistency and quality are critical to pharmaceutical product development. API solid state and the physical properties of the formulation will largely dictate stability, bioavailability and ultimately, performance. As API's move further away from small, readily soluble molecules, these issues have increasing importance. In addition to a full array of standard characterization technologies, Particle Sciences has one of the country's most complete physical characterization labs.

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Accelerated Stability Testing

ICH Stability

Stability testing and a well-designed ICH-compliant stability program are critical elements of a rigorous drug formulation and development plan. Our facility is equipped with monitored state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled chambers for accelerated and long-term stability testing.

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In-Vitro Release Testing

Drug Release Testing

We provide a complete suite of drug release assays for a variety of dosage forms ranging from simple tablets to drug eluting devices to nanopaticulate-based formulations. From method development to cGLP/cGMP release testing, Particle Sciences has the infrastructure and expertise to meet your needs. We are FDA registered and DEA licensed for all schedules of controlled substances.

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Toxicology Testing Services

Toxicology and Pharmacokinetic Services

For developers in need of formulations specifically for toxicology and/or pharmacokinetic studies, Particle Sciences has the solution. Frequently, our Clients find their commercial dosage form is not appropriate for non-clinical testing.

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Our Process

At Particle Sciences each project is assigned a Project Leader and Project Manager, the main point of contact. Working closely with the client, the project goals, timeline and budget are documented and the Gantt chart is established. Client meetings, each with a written update, are prescheduled ensuring good communication and continuous alignment of objectives. From post-discovery through to clinical development, we are part of your team.

Our Development Process