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Particle Sciences is one of the world's leading contract drug development manufacturing companies with a comprehensive suite of services focused on the formulation and support of advanced drug delivery solutions. We work with life sciences companies ranging from start-ups to over half of the top ten pharmaceutical and biotech leaders.

Learn more about how our 20+ years of experience as a drug developer and manufacturer can help you.

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Featured Services

Pharmaceutical Delivery

Formulation & Drug Delivery Technologies

Find out how we formulate APIs to maximize bioavailability, control release rate, and enhance stability.

gMP Contract Manufacturing

cGMP Clinical Manufacturing

Discover our manufacturing capabilities for a variety of dosage forms, including powders, semi-solids, devices, solutions, and suspensions.

Commercial Manufacturing

Commercial Manufacturing

Learn about our specialized team and purpose-built manufacturing facility, which ensure your complex drug product gets the care and focus it needs to succeed.

Combination Product

Drug & Device Combination Products

Read about our capabilities for the complete design, formulation, and production of drug-eluting devices and combination products.

Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

Micro & Nano Technology

Learn how we have been at the forefront of nanoparticle- and microparticle-based drug delivery since the early 1990s.

Analytical Development

Analytic Services

Discover our state-of-the-art GLP/GMP facilities, which are equipped for method development/validation, characterization, and routine and specialized testing.

Analytical Development
What are complex drug products and why should you care?

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Analytical Development
Dissolving Solubility Challenges

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Analytical Development
Highly Potent API Handling: An Expert Interview with Judy Cohen

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"We faced some aggressive timelines, and made some demanding requests of you, but you always came through for us. We will not forget this in future; and, as new programs come into our portfolio, PSI will be at the top of our vendor list." - Project leader, mid pharma

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