Management Team

Particle Sciences senior team is comprised of seasoned industry leaders. They bring their decades of commercial experience to bear on producing practical and creative solutions to your drug development challenges.

Our proven management team includes:

Robert Lee Ph.D.

Dr. Lee is responsible for product development. Before joining Particle Sciences, Rob held senior management positions at Novavax, Inc., Lyotropic Therapeutics, Inc., and Imcor Pharmaceutical Co. He holds BSs in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Washington and a PhD in Physical Bioorganic Chemistry from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Rob has published articles in numerous peer-reviewed journals and three book chapters plus holds 11 issued patents and 14 provisional or PCT patent applications. He has over 23 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development of both therapeutic drugs and diagnostic imaging agents. Rob maintains strong academic ties, including an appointment as Adjunct Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Kansas in 1992, and serving as a reviewer for both the International Journal of Pharmaceutics and Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Bruce Frank Ph.D.
Vice President, Operations and Client Services

Dr. Frank has been leading Project Management and Client Relations at Particle Sciences since 2007. His scientific background is in Organic Chemistry, with over 20 years experience leading Discovery Chemistry and Project Management efforts in both large publicly traded companies and small biotechnology firms. Prior to joining Particle Sciences, Bruce was Director of Discovery Chemistry at FMC Corporation (Princeton, NJ) where he directed over 40 medicinal and analytical chemistry scientists on site and overseas. Previous positions include Director of Chemistry at Kimeragen/Valigen (Newtown, PA), Senior Scientist at Hybridon (Cambridge, MA) and Post-doctoral Scientist at DuPont-Merck Pharmaceutical Co. (Wilmington, DE). He received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Maryland and a BA in Chemistry from Temple University. Bruce has over 35 publications, presentations and patent disclosures to his credit.

Judith Cohen B.S.
Vice President, Quality Assurance

Judith Cohen joined Particle Sciences in 2013 as Associate Director, Quality Assurance. Prior to joining Particle Sciences, Judith held leadership roles for over 22 years at Johnson & Johnson within the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sectors. She has extensive experience developing and implementing quality systems to support the manufacture and analytical characterization of clinical trial materials and commercial product. Judith has been integral in the preparation of Chemistry & Manufacturing Control sections for regulatory submissions worldwide for both pharmaceutical and drug/device combination products leading to the commercialization of over 20 products. Judith earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Delaware and is a Fellow of the American Chemical Society.

Garry Gwozdz B.S.
Director, Formulation Sciences

Mr. Gwozdz joined Particle Sciences in 1994 to establish and run the formulations laboratory. Prior to that, he spent 13 years working in the specialty ink industry. He is now responsible for managing the Formulation Services group, encompassing multiple delivery vehicle formats, such as topical, vaginal, buccal, nasal, and injectables, as well as techniques related to fine particle dispersion, suspension, and size reduction. He has developed and scaled a number of commercialized formulations as well as many to support preclinical and clinical research. Mr. Gwozdz holds patents relating to drug delivery, as well as encapsulation and particulate surface modification technologies. He earned his Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh.

Kimberly Zubris Ph.D.
Director, Drug Delivery Technologies

Kim joined Particle Sciences in 2012, bringing her expertise in drug delivery and biomaterials to the Formulation Services group. She now aids in leading the development, scale-up and manufacturing of a broad spectrum of drug products at PSI. Kim received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University under an NIH training grant in Qualitative Biology and Physiology, where her work focused on biodegradable polymer synthesis and micro- and nano-particulates for targeted and controlled release of chemotherapeutics. She also holds a BS from Lehigh University in Chemical Engineering.

Jite Okoh B.S.
Director, Drug Eluting Device Development

Jite Okoh joined Particle Sciences in 2010 as a Formulation Scientist and subject matter expert in the development and fabrication of drug eluting devices. Prior to joining PSI, Jite worked for various pharmaceutical and medical device companies including DSM Nutritional Products and Teleflex Medical (Arrow International) where he obtained extensive experiences in the incorporation of pharmaceutical actives into numerous polymeric medical devices. He leads a team of formulators, with diverse backgrounds, responsible for the research, development and clinical scale up of drug and device combination products. Jite holds several patents and has co-authored technical publications relating to drug delivery devices. He earned his Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry from Kutztown University.

Laurie Goldman B.S.
Director, Analytic Services

Laurie Goldman joined Particle Sciences in 1997 as Analytic and Quality Manager. Building on a solid quality control and quality assurance framework from previous experience in the electronic chemicals, mining, and inks/coatings industries, she established and grew the state-of-the-art analytical laboratory at Particle Sciences. She has co-authored numerous technical publications. She holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Muhlenberg College and has been certified in statistical process control, quality engineering, and quality auditing.