Dexamethasone-Loaded Silicone:
A Ready-Made Material for Implantable Systems

The ability to minimize inflammation plays a critical role in implantable system development.

Dexamethasone-Silicone can accelerate your product development cycle and help ensure your success.

All implantable systems trigger a foreign body response—an inflammatory cascade that results in fibrous encapsulation of any foreign object. While some implantable devices can tolerate the foreign body response, many next generation bio-sensors, controlled drug delivery devices, and tissue scaffolds require efficient interaction with surrounding tissue. Fibrous encapsulation can have detrimental effects on these devices, including:

  • Reduced electrical conductivity
  • Inability to integrate with existing tissue
  • Poor drug release
  • Pain and discomfort in patients

Dexamethasone-Silicone for Implantable Systems

Particle Sciences is addressing the growing need for implantable materials with our Dexamethasone-Silicone product offering. By combining a trusted, biocompatible polymer (silicone) with a safe, effective anti-inflammatory agent (dexamethasone), we have designed a ready-made material that is ideal for prototyping and product development efforts. As dexamethasone elutes from the silicone, it minimizes inflammation and limits the effect of the foreign body response on product performance. Dexamethasone-Silicone simplifies the product development process, helping you commercialize your implantable system faster.

Dexamethasone-Silicone Product Offerings

Particle Sciences offers both Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and High Consistency Rubber (HCR) containing 5% dexamethasone off-the-shelf. These materials are suitable for any implantable device developer who wants to quickly and easily evaluate dexamethasone in their application. If you require a different durometer of silicone or want a different loading of dexamethasone, we also offer custom orders. We can source your desired silicone, blend it with dexamethasone, and provide material to support your product development and prototyping efforts.

Why Choose Dexamethasone and Silicone?

The base ingredients of Dexamethasone-Silicone are widely-used in both medical device and pharmaceutical drug products.

  • Silicone: A highly biocompatible material that is often utilized in long-term implantable devices. Available in a range of durometers and amenable to various processing techniques, including both injection molding and extrusion. High flexibility and durability have made it a material of choice in long-term implants such as intrauterine devices (IUDs) and pacemakers.
  • Dexamethasone: A highly-effective corticosteroid that is used to treat inflammation in various parts of the body. Dexamethasone has been incorporated into multiple FDA-approved products to reduce inflammation, including an ophthalmic implant called Ozurdex® and multiple cardiovascular leads (Medtronic’s Sprint Quattro and CapSure product lines).

Where Can Dexamethasone-Silicone be Used?

Particle Sciences’ ability to customize Dexamethasone-Silicone to your specific needs make it a highly versatile material. Potential applications for Dexamethasone-Silicone include:

  • Neurostimulation devices
    • Cardiac pacemaker leads
    • Cochlear implant electrodes
  • Implantable sensors
    • Continuous glucose monitors
    • Other next-generation monitoring systems
  • Implantable drug delivery systems
  • Cosmetic and reconstructive implants
  • Artificial heart valves and blood vessels

Why Choose Particle Sciences?

Particle Sciences has decades of experience developing and manufacturing drug-device combination products. Our in-house capabilities include extensive modeling, physical characterization, injection molding, high shear mixing, extrusion, co-extrusion, and compounding. We have formulated a range of drugs, including highly potent compounds and controlled substances, and Particle Sciences has established preferred relationships with the world's leading polymer suppliers and CMOs, which ensures a seamless path to commercialization for our clients

Our Dexamethasone-Silicone product offering is a quick, inexpensive way to evaluate material for your next implantable device, but if Dexamethasone-Silicone is not the right material for your application, we can always help you find an appropriate solution. Regardless of which polymer and drug you are working with, if you choose to move forward with your project, we have the personnel, facilities, and equipment to produce clinical and commercial scale material to support your project. If you are developing an implantable system or are interested in learning more about implantables, contact us today and let us take your product from concept to commercial.

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