Press Releases


7/15/2019 - Lubrizol Acquires Bavaria Medizin Technologie GmbH

5/28/2019 - Particle Sciences Expands Controlled Substance Capabilities with Approval of DEA Schedule I Registration

3/25/2019 - Particle Sciences Invests in Commercialization Expertise

1/31/2019 - Particle Sciences Partners with Encube Ethicals to Develop Novel Vaginal Rings

1/09/2019 - Particle Sciences Strengthens Nanomilling Offering with New API Screening Program


11/9/2018 - Proprietary Nasal Delivery Formulation of Diazepam Developed by Particle Sciences’ Reaches NDA

8/1/2018 - Particle Sciences Receives Patent for Device to Deliver Medication to the Tympanic Membrane

8/10/2018 - Rob Lee named President


11/13/2017 - Lubrizol LifeSciences and Particle Sciences to Highlight Complex Drug Product Development and Manufacturing at AAPS 2017

6/6/2017 - Lubrizol Invests $60 Million to Expand Particle Sciences, Vesta and Other Facilities in 2017


9/19/2016 - Glenmark Inks Pact with Lubrizol Arm Particle Sciences to Develop Generic Cancer Drug

5/31/2016 - Particle Sciences, a part of Lubrizol LifeSciences, Adds Sterile Powder Filling and Capsule Filling Capabilities

4/27/2016 - Lubrizol LifeSciences Adds Commercial Manufacturing Capacity at Particle Sciences


12/1/2015- Patent Granted for Additional Polymer Technology Originated at Particle Sciences

9/8/15- Lubrizol Acquires Particle Sciences

4/6/15 - Particle Sciences Receives Patent for its Surface Arrayed Therapeutics™ Drug Delivery Platform

2/23/15 - Particle Sciences to Chair Session and Present on its SATx™ Technology at the 249th American Chemical Society National Meeting

2/18/15 - Particle Sciences Manufactures Clinical Supplies for Kinex’s Glioblastoma Therapeutic


11/21/14 - Particle Sciences’ Clinical Trial Supplies Group Manufactures Innovative Vaginal Ring

9/2/14 - Particle Sciences Expands Drug Eluting Device Capabilities and Overall Clinical Trial Manufacturing Resources

7/15/14 - Particle Sciences Expands Biopharmaceutical Development Infrastructure

6/9/14 - Microfluidics and Particle Sciences Align to Expand the Reach of Microfluidics Technology

4/2/14 - Interview with Dr. Robert Lee, Particle Sciences on Horiba Equipment

4/1/14 - Press Release - Particle Sciences and Actavis Enter into Joint Development Agreement

2/4/14 - Press Release - Robert Becker, PhD Joins Particle Sciences as Vice President Biosciences Sales & Business Development

1/28/14 - Press Release - Hapten Sciences, Inc. and Particle Sciences, Inc. Partner to Bring Hapten's Poison Ivy Product Into Clinical Trials


10/10/13 - Press Release - Particle Sciences Completes Manufacture of New Vaginal Ring for HIV Prevention

07/25/13 - Press Release - Particle Sciences Receives Patent for Aerosol Delivery

07/15/13 - Press Release - HORIBA Scientific Launches New Raman ParticleFinder Software

04/26/13 - Press Release - Update on Regulatory Approaches for Development and Evaluation of Topical Products

03/11/13 - Press Release - Calvert Laboratories and Particle Sciences Partner to Streamline Early-Stage Drug Development (Preclinical Activities)

03/05/13 - Press Release - Particle Sciences and NETZSCH Premier Technologies Enter into Collaboration

02/26/13 - Press Release - Crystal Pharmatech and Particle Sciences Enter Into a US-China Pharmaceutical CRO Partnership

01/08/13 - Press Release - Deepak Tiwari, PhD, joins Particle Sciences as Director of Formulation and Process Development


10/10/12 - Press Release - Particle Sciences to Develop Antiretroviral Formulations as part of MOTIF

06/06/12 - Press Release - Particle Sciences Expands its cGMP Capabilities with the Addition of Thin Films

03/21/12 - Press Release - Particle Sciences & Pernix Therapeutics enter into an Agreement to Develop a Pediatric Dermatology Product

02/09/12 - CHEMO and Particle Sciences Partner to Provide the Only Development to Commercialization Solution for Hormone Eluting Drug/Device Combination Products

01/30/12 - New Delivery Platform Discussed at Partnerships Meeting - Particle Sciences Presented on Targeted Delivery of Chemotherapeutics

01/10/12 - Brabender® Pharma USA, Inc. and Particle Sciences Cooperate to Expand Extrusion Capabilities

01/03/12 - Particle Sciences Expands its DOSE™ Program with Additional Proprietary Modeling Capabilities


10/04/11 - Particle Sciences Granted Patent on Self Sterilizing Medical Devices

07/19/11 - Venture funding declines in state

07/12/11 - Particle Sciences and Absorption Systems Form Relationship to Offer their Clients Enhanced Services

06/22/11 - Particle Sciences Develops Proprietary Nasal Delivery Formulation Used in Neurelis' Recently Announced Successful Phase I Pharmacokinetic Study of NRL-01 (intranasal diazepam)

05/08/11 - Hovione and Particle Sciences Inc. ink deal to speed up drug solubilization projects

04/28/11 - Particle Sciences and Celanese EVA Performance Polymers Collaborate to Accelerate Drug-Eluting Device Combinations

02/07/11 - Particle Sciences and HORIBA Instruments Form Strategic Relationship


12/22/10 - Particle Sciences Develops Wax Nanoparticles that Enhance Immune Response to Antigens

10/19/10 - Particle Sciences and SoluBest Enter into Technology Agreement

09/07/10 - Children's Hospital Boston and Particle Sciences Cooperate on Translational Medicine Efforts

06/02/10 - Particle Sciences Adds Dried Blood Spot Analysis to its Bioanalytic Services

05/17/10 - PS Receives Innovation Award from Ben Franklin Technology Partners

04/13/10 - Particle Sciences Announces the Acquisition of Unique PEG-Based Polymer Technology

01/26/10 - Particle Sciences to Participate in CHAARM, a Global Effort to Develop an HIV Prevention Strategy

01/06/10 - Particle Sciences Announces the Acquisition of HORIBA's Raman/Particle Characterization System


12/08/09 - Particle Sciences and IES Engineers Cooperate on High Potency Compound Handling Capabilities

11/10/09 - Particle Sciences Acquires Additional Space for Operations

10/06/09 - Particle Sciences, Inc. and Dow Corning Corporation Cooperate to Develop New Product Technology

06/30/09 - Particle Sciences and Microfluidics Collaborate to Share Formulation and Nanotechnology Expertise for Pharmaceutical Drug Product Development, Analysis and Commercialization

06/16/09 - Particle Sciences Further Expands Combination Product Development Capabilities

04/28/09 - Hector Garcia Joins Particle Sciences as Director of Quality Assurance

02/24/09 - Particle Sciences Completes Development of First Product Incorporating its Unique Surface Modification System


09/16/08 - Particle Sciences Develops Methods for Increasing Quality of Sintered Metal Products and for Coating Surfaces with Metal Oxide Films

08/26/08 - Particle Sciences Sponsors Dr. Qiuxi Fan's Podium Presentation on the Latest Developments in Iontophoretic Drug Delivery at the 2008 Annual AIChE Meeting

08/26/08 - Particle Sciences Develops Zero Order Release Combination Device Technology

08/19/08 - Particle Sciences Expands Its Combination Product Capabilities

06/27/08 - Particle Sciences' Andrew Loxley, Ph.D. to present poster at Controlled Release Society Meeting

05/13/08 - Particle Sciences Adds Additional Clean Room Space

05/05/08 - Particle Sciences Expands Bethlehem, PA facility

04/28/08 - Robert W. Lee, Ph.D. joins Particle Sciences as Vice President.