Women’s Equality Day: Pharma is Levelling the Playing Field

Combination Products for Medical Device Developers

Overcoming Complexity

Looking Beyond the Solubility Horizon

The Big Freeze: Obtaining the Best Results from Lyophilization

Outsourcing Formulation Development & Manufacturing: CDMOs Shift to Offer More Specialized Services

Drug-Eluting Devices: Delivering on Drug Delivery’s Combined Potential

Patient-Centric Drug Development Comes of Age

Ask the Expert: Analytical Method Validation

Particle Sciences’ Barbara Morgan on Pharma and Diversity

Improving Bioavailability & Solubility: Chemical & Physical Modification vs. Formulation Development

Dissolving Solubility Challenges

Early-Stage Formulation Considerations

HIV prevented from entering the body

Particle Sciences — Targeted Drug Products Using Nano Formulations (Page 6)

Particle Sciences — An API’s Characteristics Determine the Best Approach to Improving Solubility (Page 7)

Cancer Nanotechnology Plan 2015 (Manufacturing Challenges of Nano-Products – page 6)

SATx Presentation - ACS National Meeting 2015

Horiba and Particle Sciences Particle Finder Webinar

Particle Sciences Positions Itself as a Bioavailability Tool for Most Drug Forms

Vaccine Technologies & the Rationale for New Nanoparticle Formulations

American Pharma Review - An Overview of the Zeta Potential - Part 1: The Concept

Particle Sciences is Highlighted in the CHAARM Newsletter 2013

Comments On Biopharmaceutical Classification System And Formulation Development

The Central Role Of Analytic Method Development And Validation In Pharmaceutical Development

Observations on Nanotechnology-based Drug Delivery Approaches: Translating Nanotechnology from Bench to Pharmaceutical Market: Barriers, Success, and Promises

Dry Eye Syndrome: A Review & Novel Formulation Approach

Novel Formulation of Glycerin 1% Artificial Tears Extends Tear Film Break-Up Time Compared with Systane Lubricant Eye Drops

Chapter 14. Devices and Implant Systems by Hot-Melt Extrusion - Dennis Douroumis, Ed.

Solid Dosage Forms - Polymers for Solid Oral Dosage Forms

Bioavailability Enhancement: A Novel Spray-Drying Technology to Improve the Bioavailability of Biopharmaceutical Classification System Class II Molecules

The Zeta Potential & its Use in Pharmaceutical Applications - Part 2: Measurement Techniques & Uses

The Zeta Potential & its Use in Pharmaceutical Applications - Part 1: Charged Interfaces in Polar & Non-Polar Media & the Concept of the Zeta Potential

Particle Sciences & Horiba Instruments: Providing Clients a Total Solution

Particle Sciences: Providing Formulation & Analytic Services to Meet Demanding Drug Delivery Challenges

Selection of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Excipients for Topical Formulations

Update from CHAARM, a Particle Sciences Client

Carnauba wax nanoparticles enhance strong systemic and mucosal cellular and humoral immune responses to HIV-gp140 antigen

The relentless effort to curtail the HIV pandemic continues as researchers aggressively investigate alternative prevention tools

Microbicides: A promising strategy to reduce HIV infection

Ethylene‐vinylacetate Intravaginal Rings for the Prolonged Release of a Combination of Antiretroviral Drug UC781 and Contraceptive Hormone Levonorgestrel

Controlled Release of Antiretroviral Drugs from Ethylene-vinylacetate Intravaginal Rings to Protect Women From HIV Transmission

Hot Melt Extrusion in the Production of Intra-vaginal Rings Containing Antiretroviral Drugs

Forced Degradation as an Integral Part of HPLC Stability-Indicating Method Development

Handbook of Non-Invasive Drug Delivery Systems Edited by Dr. Vitthal S. Kulkarni
Chapter 2: Micellar Nanoparticles: Applications for Topical and Passive Transdermal Drug Delivery (Robert Lee, PhD)

"Extension of Tear Film Break-Up by Novel Formulation of Glycerin 1%" The Association for Research and Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), 2009

Particle Size Distribution: Light Microscopic Determination of Particle Size Distribution in an Aqueous Gel.

Solid Lipid Nanoparticles: Drug Delivery Technology September 2009 Vol 9 No 8. Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for the Delivery of Pharmaceutical Actives.

Microbicides for HIV/AIDS. 3. Observation of Apparent Dynamic Protonation and Deprotonization in CD4+ T-Cell Model Systems

Microbicides for the prevention of HIV infection in women: an overview of recent trials

Chapter 11: Acoustic Attenuation Spectroscopy: A New Technique to Characterize the Stability and Structure of Semisolid Topical Delivery Systems for Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Applications

Chapter 17: Micro- and nano-encapsulation of Water- and Oil-soluble Actives fro Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Applications

The Issues & Challenges Involved in In Vitro Release Testing for Semi-Solid Formulations

Microbicides for HIV/AIDS. 2. Electrophoretic Fingerprinting of CD4+ T-Cell Model Systems

Aggregation, agglomeration - How to Avoid aggravation when formulating Particulate Suspensions

Ethylene-vinylacetate Intravaginal Rings for Zero-order Release of an Antiretroviral Drug

Microcapsules With Liquid Cores And Polymer Shells Made By Solvent Evaporation

Microencapsulated Non-aqueous Dispersions

pH-sensitive Microgels

Targeted Delivery Of Actives: Cationic Nanoparticles For Use In Hair And Skin Products

Manufacture Of Microspheres As Carrier Particles For Active Biomolecules

Nebulizable Nanoparticle Dispersions: A Novel Inhalable Dosage Form

A Review Of Sunscreen Safety And Efficacy

Concentrations of Dapivirine In Rhesus And Rabbit Following Gel Administration

Future Of HIV Prevention Prospects For An Effective Anti HIV Microbicide

Identication Of Human Natriuretic Hormone Cain Et Al PNAS October 31, 2007

Microbicides For HIV AIDS Electrophoretic Fingerprinting The H9 Cell Model System

Phase III Modeling AIDS 06

Regulatory Challenges In Microbicide Development

TMC120 Blocks HIV-1 Infection In Cellular And Human Cervical Tissue Models

Acoustic Attenuation Spectroscopy

Micro And Nano-Encapsulation Of Water And Oil Soluble Actives For Cosmetic And Pharmaceutical Applications